Benefits of LIMBICLOGIC®


   Permanent motivation
   Final defeat of procrastination
   Handling setbacks constructively
   Feedback that you need
   Relaxed work, mental efficiency
   Achievment of objectives through limbic programming
   Identification of uncounscious fears
   Learn to distinguish business ideas from fixed ideas
   Finding your own strengths

●   The meta relationship between buyer and product
●   Limbic buying motives
●   Recognize and shape product image
   Brand awareness and loyalty
   The company in the eye of the customer
   Employee motivation and leadership
   What people really buy
   The psychology of the price tag


   The self-esteem illusion
   Prevent burnout and depression
   Discovering your emotional needs
   Resilience, learning serenity
   Recognition  and meaning of friends
   Gratitude, the underestimated emotion
   Self image, the key to everything
   Find your core value

●   Sapiology, the Science of Reason
   Basic cognitive techniques
   The lack of alternatives of logic
   Identify and consider limbic influences
   The learnable aspects of intelligence
   Optinion formation in collectives
   Apply intelligence correctly and completely
   Accurate conclusions instead of arbitrary opinions
   No fear of complexity


   Raising awareness of the external impact
   Investment theory, when interest is detrimental
   What does the woman / man want?
   Consequences of emancipation
   Maximizing your own attractiveness
   Influence and significance of sexuality
   Datebreaker and relationship killer
   The different phases of a relationship
   Only one can lead. Who, when?

●   Complete (emotional-rational) communication
●   The art of creating images for the other person
   Dominance, harmful to indispensable
   The limbic channel, key to understanding
   Rhetorical basics
   Para verbal (voice, pauses, body language)
   Arguments and why they are often not convincing
   Using references convincingly