Interview with A. Anderson

Transcription of the Interview with Alex Anderson from 03.07.2018. The video will be uploaded soon.   Hello, I am here today with Alex Anderson founder and head coach of LIMBICLOGIC®. Mr. Anderson, what's LIMBICLOGIC®? LIMBICLOGIC® is the name of our company and website but more importantly it is the name of a new vision, a…

Quotes from Alex Anderson

In order to make the scientific and complex concept of LIMBICLOGIC® accessible to a wider audience, Alex Anderson often uses comparisons and metaphors. We from Team LIMBICLOGIC® found some of his quotes both insightful and funny enough to collect them here. "Imagine the two parts of the brain as the prefrontal cortex as a father…


Sapiology is the science of intelligence, the study of reason. What can be more important than getting the most accurate picture of reality and making intelligent decisions? What is life other than the result of decisions made? LIMBICLOGIC® is an important component for understanding sapiology. It explains the unconscious limbic influence on perception and opinion-forming.…