This is a good question. LIMBICLOGIC® is not a typical coaching, but of course the content can be coached. If you compare LIMBICLOGIC® with coaching, it follows a slightly different approach. Conventional coaching often has one or more specific topics. They often try to optimize or strengthen aspects of personality. Mostly motivation and self-esteem. (Motivational Speaking) During the event, the coach presents himself as the friend that visitors would like to have. Benevolent, advising and always supportive. Through personal insights into his life, the coach supports this emergence of apparent affinity. Visitors often very quickly build up a strong (meta-) relationship with the coach. In addition, group-dynamic, exercises such as standing up, clapping or massaging each other make up for a strong cohesion. This feeling is supported by the targeted use of light and music. Of course, an event where you feel comfortable and have fun remains a great event.

Such events can be a key experience for the individual. Studies show, however, that these coaching sessions do not live up to their expectations and that, in most cases, they cannot bring about sustainable transformation among their visitors. In some cases, people are charged with even more motivation, where their biggest problem is not a lack of motivation, but a lack of a functioning business model. We think that these effectful coaching methods are ultimately ineffective and dubious. The contents that permanently change life and insight are simply missing. We believe that these coachings do not permanently bring about the transformation the coaching client actually expects. LIMBICLOGIC® offers a model of the human mind with all our typical human logic, abstraction but also our emotions and fears as it is characteristic for us humans. This ultimately leads to a deep understanding of one’s own self. Once this understanding has developed, the way is clear for reason, the acceptance of the innermost drives and emotional freedom. We think that the insights are so fundamental that one day they will be taught in schools. In fact, this benefit is so broad and diverse that it was initially difficult for us to answer the question about our target group. We show you through examples how you can apply LIMBICLOGIC® concretely and immediately in your life, your relationship or your company.

What seperates LIMBICLOGIC® from other coachings?   back to overview

First of all, LIMBICLOGIC®, unlike most coachings, is based on science. Founder Alex Anderson spent years researching, meeting and talking to many experts in psychology, evolutionary psychology and neuroscience to ultimately develop this concept. Other people were involved in the development of the concept and the underlying neuroscientific knowledge. Secondly, the themes of the content of LIMBICLOGIC® were not chosen randomly. Rather, we examined in which parts of human life the neuroscientific findings can be applied most advantageously. We only teach these contents. LIMBICLOGIC® is particularly effective in the areas of emotions, social interactions, communication, intelligence and love life. Therefore we concentrate on:

  • Emotional Management

  • Motivation

  • Communication

  • Human understanding

  • Intelligence

  • Negotiations

  • Self-perception

  • Self-esteem

  • Dating

  • Love life

  • Sexuality

  • Long-term Relationships

We constantly follow the latest research and developments in relevant psychology and neuroscience. Our goal is to communicate these complex findings in an understandable and applicable way.

Is LIMBICLOGIC® the successor of NLP?   back to overview

Since we are often asked about this, we want to answer the question here. LIMBICLOGIC® has nothing to do with NLP. Like NLP, it is a complete concept with insights from psychology and neuroscience, with conclusions and practical applications. But this is the only similarity. NLP was founded in the 70s by analysing and combining three completely different psychotherapeutic methods. These three methods themselves were developed experimentally and without a scientific basis. To this day, NLP lacks a consistent, theoretical framework. Many references, including Wikipedia, classify NLP as pseudoscience. The origin of LIMBICLOGIC® is another. It is based on neurosciences, cognitive sciences and evolutionary psychology. Especially the latest findings on how the brain processes information and forms cognitions. But also the origin, the purpose and the unconscious effect of emotions on the perception of reality and our judgement. These groundbreaking, more recent findings have been achieved through the use of fMRI (Functional Magnet Resonance Tomography).

We find that the insights from different neuroscientific disciplines are necessary to understand LIMBICLOGIC® despite its complexity. It must be taken into account that at the time of the development of NLP imaging techniques such as MRI were not yet available. Furthermore, foundation stones of LIMBICLOGIC® like cognitive sciences or the functioning of the information processing of the brain like neuronal networks were not yet laid. Actually we are grateful to NLP. Because in the success of NLP you can see the great need of people for a deeper understanding of their thinking, feeling and experiencing of reality. That people want to know more and are basically interested in improvement. That they feel driven. That they don’t have the feeling of being behind the wheel. And that people are willing to learn more complex and scientific content if it ultimately offers them applicable benefits. Without NLP we might never have founded LIMBICLOGIC®.

Does LIMBICLOGIC® offer jobs?   back to overview

By rolling out the company, we are looking for speakers, translators and office staff. We tend to prefer applicants with a scientific, psychological or coaching background. More importantly would be a passion for dealing with and helping people with their concerns. We are looking for speakers and translators with native languages such as: English, German, French, Spanish and Mandarin. For internal employees, German or English is a prerequisite. The work of a speaker also includes preparing events and helping to organise them. Each speaker is personally trained by Alex Anderson. This training is free of charge and includes more details than the public events. Speakers get to know the concept of LIMBICLOGIC® in detail and better than any visitor of events.

I am fascinated by the insights of LIMBICLOGIC® but my partner is not. Can this lead to problems?
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This can lead to problems. Understanding your instincts, impulses and gender-specific emotions will change your self-perception. It leads to emotional freedom. One consequence of this is that it becomes more difficult to manipulate you. It is possible that your partner will suddenly perceive you as more independent. He may also interpret this as a loss of love or decreasing affection. Instead, we recommend attending the events together. It will be an unforgettable and connecting experience. It will help you to understand your partner in a way never imagined possible.

What are the advantages of understanding LIMBICLOGIC®?   back to overview

LIMBICLOGIC® makes it possible to understand the interaction and the mutual dependence and interaction of two functionally completely different parts of the brain. The so-called limbic system (the emotional part of the brain) and the prefrontal cortex. The recognition of when your brain generates which emotions holds the chance to achieve emotional freedom. You no longer feel driven. On the other hand, you can finally do what is necessary in your life without fear (overcoming procrastination). In our events we explain how you can consciously avoid negative and destructive emotions and instead create positive and motivating feelings. But emotional management is only one of our focal points. You will also learn how to consciously and optimally use the logical and rational part of your brain. You will learn to prevent your emotions (conscious and subconscious) from compromising your intelligence and judgment. We also offer special, success-proven Thinkflow´s in order to arrive at appropriate decisions more quickly. We believe that what one person can do, another can learn. We think that successful and happy people use their brains differently and that this can be learned to a large extent.

Excerpt from LIMBICLOGIC®:

  • Understanding the origin and purpose of emotions
  • To learn how to control emotions
  • Understanding the emotional implications of sexuality
  • Understanding intelligence and the power of meaningful, emotionally free thinking
  • Finding your own strengths
  • How do I find my innermost value. What drives me?
  • Using emotions to motivate yourself
  • What does it mean to be a man?
  • What does it mean to be a woman?
  • Distinguishing between emotional and real-rational goals
  • Complete and thus effective communication through simultaneous or alternating response of the limbic and logical channels
  • Understanding other people better by using both channels
  • Better understanding of one’s own impulses and those of others through knowledge of gender-specific limbic (emotional) contexts
  • Understanding the critical differences between desire, attraction, friendship and love
  • How to do what to do? (Get rid of procrastination, postponementitis)
  • Omit things that satisfy emotionally but are not really good for you (mild forms of addiction)
  • Eliminating painful emotions and gaining emotional freedom
  • How to increase your intelligence to make faster, better decisions

Does LIMBICLOGIC® really work even if emotions and instincts are 160 million years old?
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It works very reliably. These are largely unchanged. A closer look at evolution can answer this question. Evolution does not happen automatically. If living conditions do not change or the individual is flexible enough to handle smaller changes, nothing changes at all. Selective pressure must exist for evolutionary progress. This pressure forces a species to evolve. This happens gradually as the chances of successful reproduction for less well adapted individuals decrease. If you understand the purpose of the limbic system, you will find that the limbic system has hardly been exposed to selective pressure, so it has hardly evolved. Look at sexuality. Has anything changed in the last million years? Why should it? It obviously worked.

It is no different with rank ambition or group identification. Now we live in a completely different environment than 160 million years ago. This leads to many conflicts and problems in the reality of the 21st century.


Can LIMBICLOGIC® help me with dating and relationships?   back to overview

This is indeed one of our most important and popular topics. Love, dating, flirting, sexuality and relationships are almost entirely limbic. As we know, there is often little reason to be found there. We consider a sexually and emotionally satisfying relationship to be one of the most important factors for a qualitative, fulfilled and happy life. As you may have heard, science is gradually discovering the underlying secrets of flirting, partnership and mutual attraction. It turns out that the brains and behavior of men and women have significant differences in their emotional and sexual needs. We find it important, helpful and understanding creating when men and women know their own emotional and sexual needs but also those of the opposite sex. We think that this is the key to functioning long-term relationships. Some of our events focus on teaching these differences and are also very suitable for couples. The “On being a man” and the “On being a woman” events are specialized to give useful information and tips exclusively for the respective gender. What does it mean to be a man/woman? What are my innate emotional and sexual needs? Since there are big differences between men and women here, we naturally also give gender-specific information and tips. The events are therefore separated by gender. No exceptions are made!

We strongly believe in the uniqueness of humankind. We assume that you have already had this experience and that few people you meet actually see you as a potential partner. That makes it all the more important to find the right person and be picky. But to be picky, you have to have options. Unfortunately, most people actually have relatively few options and are therefore satisfied with little. Unlike other coaching companies, we think that dating, flirting and maximizing options is a legitimate and important issue. We not only teach you how to initiate a contact, but also how to attract people you want to attract. This is more relevant for women. Since sexuality is more or less completely limbic, we are very competent on this subject.

Does LIMBICLOGIC® also work in business?   back to overview

LIMBICLOGIC® is of great value in business life. Note that the limbic (emotional) part as well as the logical part of the brain is of great importance for your business. Business decisions are made by people. Products are made by people. Products are made for people. Products are sold by people. Products are bought by people. Business people negotiate with other business people. Especially in saturated markets products are often bought because people feel special or want to increase their self-esteem. The “Uncompromising Intelligence” – Event is an excellent event to improve your judgement and your business intelligence.

As the owner of a small or large company, it is necessary that you are not emotionally prevented from doing important things (procrastination) or focusing on things that you may like to do or subjectively think are important but do not contribute much to your business. This is especially important when job positions depend on your decisions.

Do I need previous knowledge?   back to overview

No previous knowledge is necessary. As already mentioned, we explain not only the concept, but also the underlying scientific foundations. Maybe you are more open to evolutionary parts of the concept if you already know books like “The Stone Age Man in Us”. But this knowledge is not necessary.

What is the fastest way to learn LIMBICLOGIC®?   back to overview

The only possibility at the moment are webinars and events. Books, e-books, workbooks for the events and content on other media will be available in the future. First of all, we want to gain experience about what our audience is most interested in. We also want to test how a complex concept like LIMBICLOGIC® can best be communicated.

Does LIMBICLOGIC® offer individual, group or company coachings?   back to overview

You are welcome to ask us for individual or group/company coaching. Simply send us an e-mail to or use the MEETING menu. We will get back to you as soon as possible. In any case, please be as precise (goal, date, duration) as possible regarding your topic and your other expectations of such a coaching or a desired presentation. Thank you.