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Transcription of the Interview with Alex Anderson from 03.07.2018.

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Hello, I am here today with Alex Anderson founder and head coach of LIMBICLOGIC®. Mr. Anderson, what’s LIMBICLOGIC®?

LIMBICLOGIC® is the name of our company and website but more importantly it is the name of a new vision, a new model of the human mind. In the end it leads to an altered image of our species. A way we think unmatched complete and ungeschöntem image which allows human behavior to explain in a way it was not possible.

What’s new about it?

What is new is that we say that there is such a thing as Homo sapiens, that does not exist the reasonable man. At least not yet. Look, most people believe that our species is something special and is fundamentally different from animals. At the zoo we stand on one side and the rest on the other side of the fence. Many religions emphasize this uniqueness. In fact, the difference is much less than we think. Only 1.5% of our DNA differs from chimpanzee DNA. Chimpanzees share more genetic material itself with us than with any other species of ape. Here, a large part of this 1.5% is likely to relate to the rest of the body. Only a much smaller part of the Erbutes is responsible for our enlarged brain our large prefrontal cortex. Many think that has developed in about a hundred thousand years of a monkey brain a completely different human brain. And that never happened. In fact, only a relatively small part of the brain has evolved during the rest of the brain with instincts, emotions and sexuality has remained the same. This is the drama of our species. The conflict that is now arising from the two parts of the brain, especially in the 21st century, the issue of LIMBICLOGIC®. More specifically, the awareness and resolution of these conflicts.

Are these, anyway solvable?

Yes, but the emergence of emotions, action impulses and bias can be suppressed not directly. To hack our emotional system requires some know-how and experience. It all starts with the realization that we are manipulated by a powerful system that has completely different interests than we do. Only then is the solution of these impulses and emotional-cognitive freedom can take place at all. LIMBICLOGIC® shows how this goes.

What interests for pursuing the limbic system?

Oh, that’s easy. It tracks relatively few interests but these very passionate and tricky. Mainly survival, status and of course reproduction.

What does tricky and meaning Status?

Tricky means that the pursuit of these simple-sounding objectives runs unconsciously to and can take on other complex shapes. This complexity was also necessary while living in families of more than 100 individuals. We must not overlook the fact that, above all, of course, is part of the evolution so to adapt to the environment and the adaptation to life in the group with the associated social instincts. Monkeys as people are not able to survive outside the Group. Status means in a social context at any time to take the highest possible status the highest possible rank. Rank struts and status consciousness is more pronounced in men than in women. The structure of the limbic system is gender-specific.

But are we humans do not have such an instinct erratic behavior away?

We are nothing away. Of course, we did remain more self-control than our ancestors our behavior controlling emotions and guide our thinking, feeling, judging and acting. Much more than we realize. In addition, the degree of self-control depends on the intelligence varies so greatly. Let’s take the example of rank pursuit me further. In self-esteem, we find the subjective perception of their own rank. This has every socially living animals. Shame, pride and jealousy are social emotions that are found for example in animals like dogs and monkeys and. A dog can know what he may, offend against it and feel guilty afterwards. These emotions are a prerequisite for a custom behavior and thus secure the whereabouts of the group. They are also the foundation of our moral sensibility.

What are the advantages LIMBICLOGIC® it?

With LIMBICLOGIC® you can see the influence of the limbic system and take into account. This leads to emotional freedom and better assessments and decisions. Those who can still afford decisions based on an old system to cut down in your mind that specializes in state and reproduction. Further, one can selectively generate LIMBICLOGIC® good or motivating emotions and avoid negative, paralyzing. LIMBICLOGIC® provides not less than a tutorial on how to best deal with his brain. So an owner’s manual for the owner of a brain. I know that sounds like a high standard but I think LIMBICLOGIC® can fulfill it. Better meet than conventional methods or psychology that denies the influence of the limbic system.

That sounds good. Is LIMBICLOGIC® then a kind of coaching?

LIMBICLOGIC® is much more than a coaching but yes LIMBICLOGIC® are also answers to questions handle the coaching. Ask for happiness, success, motivation, self-discovery or partnership. But the road is a little different. If they go to coaching they get 10 different answers at 10 coaches. The personality of the coach seems to have a greater role to play than the client. In fact it should be the other way around. Since there are, for example, former successful athletes who want to tell you how to itself successful. As long as it is not my goal to succeed in the same sport, the question of transferability appear there already attached to me. Most coaches have no training either in neuroscience, cognitive science, or psychology. Therefore, coaching and work only sporadically. Real transformations of people take place too rarely. People still go there because there is nothing better and because they feel they have done something for themselves to have. And of course, because the events they load with energy. This with light effects, loud music and group dynamic exercises and dancin ‘. Many coaching resemble now stand up comedy events with a pinch of positive thinking. You can do everything you want is chanted there. That people invest the resulting there supposed motivation completely ausssichtslose business models, yes, of course, no one says that. In LIMBICLOGIC® we focus on reproducible, scientific and applicable knowledge. concerning findings. the interaction of our consciousness, our cognition and our emotions. LIMBICLOGIC®, unlike other coaching methods such as NLP a scientific basis. I see myself more as a scientist than a coach or motivating speaker. I do not think that motivational speaking permanently brings something. As an impulse to you. But permanently give this speaker simply not enough people on hand. Many people are smart enough to work on themselves. But they need to know where they stand. And they need to know their destination. And they need a reliable and understandable way to get there. This gap I wanted to close. That’s why I founded LIMBICLOGIC®.

So they spoke to NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming. Is LIMBICLOGIC® the successor of NLP? you need to understand general knowledge around the concept of LIMBICLOGIC®?

We will ask this again and again. I initially did not understand why. I think it is because LIMBICLOGIC® as NLP is a coherent and learnable concept. Indeed LIMBICLOGIC® has nothing to do with NLP. It is necessary to understand no prior knowledge about the concept LIMBICLOGIC®. However, it can not hurt to understand evolution by Darwin and also to understand the system to be essential adjustments and behavior, not only the adaptation of the body. For example, a field mouse can not afford the behavior of a lion. For the mouse in the middle of the food chain standing, it is advisable from cover scurrying to cover. Vielleich there was even a mouse with a Löwenego. But of course there was this mouse lived.

Yes, that makes sense, but how does that help me? Can you give me an example of how I can use for me LIMBICLOGIC® directly?

Very much. One of the conclusions of LIMBICLOGIC® that our brain has specific weaknesses in the current stage of evolution.

That’s right, they even say on the website that it is the worst product that evolution has ever produced.

Exactly I say it is the worst product of evolution, because a part of our brain we humans able to build a hydrogen bomb while another part of it at the same time a good idea holds these also use. In the nearly hundred thousand years so seen evolutionarily under great time pressure, the new improved cerebrum had to arrange appropriate with the existing limbic system somehow. So it was for the benefit of the individual. Because otherwise this cooperation the parts of the brain had not been passed on, yes. More on that but I may first ask for something?

Yeah, like what?

I want to imagine two different situations. These may be memories or ideas in the future. It can also be fictitious and unrealistic. But one thing is important. You play the main role in the performance. And a situation is strongly positive for them and another large deficit. Could they do that?

Let me think it. Ok, I think I have these two ideas.

Well then let’s get started. Please go As strong as they can into the idea A.. Please close to their eyes.


Please go now to the idea as


Now please switch two more times. So now you tell me what was going on in them while they were in the imagination A and B respectively.

Yeah, so I felt good or just bad.

Correct, now they tell me how quickly they were able to switch between the two ideas. And how long it dauertes until the respective emotion began?

Immediately yes immediately, so that goes for both. Interesting.

Yes, I would like to explain what happens in their brain them. It is believed today that the prefrontal cortex is originated farther our ancestors are starting from the Rift Valley in Africa migrated to the north. The further north they went the longer episodes were with significantly reduced food supply. We call these episodes winter. The Rift Valley, there was not this. Eventually, there were seasons and we were forced to prepare for it and to build up stocks. Good governance plan made possible by a large brain was now become a survival important advantage. But it is not enough to understand what are stocks and how to invest. You also have to come into action. The brain used to a very simple but momentous trick. Attention kommts now. For their emotional system every idea, every idea as a reality but which is important as a milder, paler form of reality. Thus, the impetus is created. When to have nothing to eat the idea in the winter is not beautiful then they will act. They say thoughts are free. Now their thoughts are actually free. But her emotional system is by no means free in response to her thoughts.
This opens up a largely unknown potential but also a responsibility. Most people are thought rather than you for they focus deliberately conducive. Many literally think themselves into a depression. To make matters worse, negative emotions promote the likelihood of negative thoughts. In general, the mood always influenced the thinking. But that’s not so bad because they have seen how easily they can take any idea and swap them for another. In this conscious focus control is a powerful force. Conscious focus, you can learn and heard to the contents of LIMBICLOGIC®.

That’s fascinating. May I ask you. How did they get the concept LIMBICLOGIC®? What is your background?

Yes it is fasznierend and offers them the opportunity to actively shape a large part of their Realtität. For their happiness but also for its control and motivation. Please Do not underestimate that. Now my academic background is pharmacy. That is what I studied. I have specialized on psychotropic drugs. To this day I find it fascinating how the brain works and how can completely change a few milligrams of a substance thought and perception. Other areas of interest to me are information processing and intelligence research. I am also interested Neuroenhancement. When Neuroenhancement it comes in contrast to drugs not on the optimization of feelings but about the improvement of mental, cognitive skills. You may be familiar with the film Limitless with Bradley Cooper. A substance such NZT there is not natural. I asked myself the question whether one can not optimize without substances not cognition, decision or moods. Basically LIMBICLOGIC® is nothing else than Neuroenhancement without drug.

Is pharmacy not an unusual background for this matter?

Maybe, but maybe not. I do not know if it would have been really possible for an anthropologist or a psychologist to develop the concept of LIMBICLOGIC®. They are simply too close to their heavily demarcated areas of expertise to it. I think this it was necessary to deal simultaneously with many different sciences to see the big picture. For LIMBICLOGIC® I have explained myself with evolutionary psychology, cognitive sciences, Paläöanthropologie, neurophysiology and intelligence research. As a pharmacist one is a little used to it. Pharmacy itself is quite interdisciplinary. Pharmacy strives physics, biology, mechanics, chemistry, botany, biochemistry and medicine to potent drugs, and ultimately to achieve reproducible dosage forms. And also there are still many pharmacists are changing the world. Pharmacists such as John Pemberton.

What we owe Mr. Pemberton?


Ok, thank you Mr. Pemberton. I love Cola. Was her interest in psychiatric and brain doping the start of LIMBICLOGIC®?

No that was initially only the insight that our mind based on hardware that is biochemically easy to manipulate. During the study of the human mind I noticed many inconsistencies. In fact, for me there is nothing more exciting than to understand why people do what they do. But therein, I was terribly bad. Added to this was that my own social interactions often wrong went. My success with women was average at best. On the other hand, certain patterns are noticed. Psychological literature yielded no answers. From school and my studies I was used to it all is logical, plausible and causal. As a scientist, I know that if this is not the case, the model is wrong or factors involved are unknown or they are not sufficiently taken into account. This unknown factor is the limbic system, with its predefined stimulus response patterns and his mighty stock of behavioral controlling emotions. We have to get away from the exaggeration and embellishment of emotions. Emotions are ultimately not so much different as hunger and thirst. There are influencing behavior so either motivational or avoid feelings that have evolves out because they cause a behavior that favored our survival and reproduction. And they are anything but typical human. This also applies to connection strengthening emotions like love. For example, the otherwise snapping crocodiles after all have moved amazingly, to wear for a walk in the mouth no problem their newly hatched children. And emotions influence our perception, opinion and most importantly our identifications and positioning.

The launch of LIMBICLOGIC® came a little later. It was a conversation with a football fan. I said so, you’re so Eintrachtfan. Do you go for even the games to the stadium? “Yeah, whenever I can manage it. “I myself do not remember why I then asked him the following question. Maybe I just wanted to provoke. “Ok, of which club you are you still a fan?” Of course I got no answer. I do not have anticipated. But I did not ask me why? Why can not a fan of two clubs simultaneously be? Of course it was of obvious that the fan is highly identified with the club. He invested a lot of money and time in his club without ultimately to have a benefit. But what is he actually identified? With the players? Now these are fast times bought or sold. Was it the coach? No, I have never heard that fans follow the coach to his new team. Was it a local, territorial identification? At the time I had already read everything about evolutionary psychology I got my hands on. Were so identified with the club man who was her residence the next? But even that was too rare to explain the case to the strength and frequency of identification. It remained a mystery for me.

I began to ask me more questions. Why can not we with joy and pride kill other people while we on the other hand are willing to sacrifice for our children our lives? Why exert authority of such a strong power over us? In this context, the Milgram experiment as well as the Stockholm Syndrome was mentioned. Why is there so much religion and superstition? Why we are ready for our religion to kill? A good question when you consider that all people alive today only know of one thousand years old Religion hearsay and Religionsart depends on the place of birth or our environment. So is random and not a conscious decision. Why is booed when he calls the wrong city at his welcoming the frontman of a band. How are opinions? What makes us violent? Why is it so hard to achieve reason? What does it mean for a person if it is politically left or right?

And LIMBICLOGIC® is answer all these questions in a position? What does it mean to be politically left or right, because, for example, if I may ask?

I am convinced that no one can answer these questions better than LIMBICLOGIC®. The term on the left or on the right shows the extent to which one is identified with the country. Depending left the less one is identified with the country and its symbols or representatives. This goes to the hostility towards their own country. We have WM precisely again and with amazing regularity call left organizations to the Germany flag kinking on the cars. Four years ago, you could the broken flags can still pay in a party headquarters even. Claudia Roth admonished as vice president of the Bundestag, the Germans for restraint in the cheer. Is probably unique for a representative of the people worldwide. At far left as the so-called Antifa one wishes even the dissolution of the state brought about. We know this from Germany verrecke marches by the far left. Depending right you are, the more one is identified with the country. It is stronger and more confident ready to represent the interests of the country and also ready to defend it. Here extreme positions show in the vilification and selfish to aggressive behavior towards other nations.

I’ve never seen before but it makes sense. Yes, we have this broad spectrum of opinions but does not have any of these opinions is justified? After all, we live in a democracy.

The right have any opinion and allowed to express is of course a high and defense asset worthy. The problem is another. The problem is that we usually do not deal with opinions.

But with what?

We do not believe that this is really getting are legitimate opinions, ie opinions that are based on conclusions. Conclusions encountered due analysis and consideration of information and facts. It is instead to limbic tribal identifications. I want to explain. Analogous to the strength of identification with the nation consider people other people as belonging more or less to their own tribe. In extreme cases, as hostile. In the history of mankind finally is the biggest killer is not heart attacks but other people. In human groups larger than a typical family group, the limbic system is not prepared as generally on few things in the 21st century. This leads spontaneously over to an enormous range of emotions other people. These feelings can range from protective, caring feelings about neutrality and critical bias to bloodlust. The problem is that so strongly and spontaneously form these emotions in us, they are so random and wrong often. And since they are not based on facts, they are rarely lasting. And as if all that were not bad enough, we tend at this man from man reviews also strongly inclined to join us the opinions of others. Because ultimately, is indeed crucial if the person is accepted by the clan. If my group accepted the new person then it is ok for me. In the opinion of owners the way, is indistinguishable whether he has come through cognitive processes so-called legitimate opinion or whether a spontaneous limbic positioning exists. This is one of the many weaknesses of the brain in the latest stage of evolution.

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