The  3  subjects of LIMBICLOGIC®
(excerpts of the coachings)

Where our revolutionary, brain-

scientific coaching can help you:

Self Management & Efficiency

●   Prioritize appropriately
●   Working Attitude
●   Time Management
●   Mental efficiency
●   Cultivate patience and persistence
●   Efficient Pausing (Pomodoro technique?)
●   Using setbacks constructively (Edison Mindset)
●   Magnetic targeting via limbic programming

Marketing & Business Ideas

●   Bullet proofed Business Ideas
●   Market opportunity analysis of business ideas
●   Product maturity
●   Business planning
●   From idea to product, to business model

Company - Customer

●   The company in the eye of the customer
●   Company image, goodwill
●   Brand awareness & brand loyalty
●   Limbic aspects of the company image

Leadership & Communication

●   Interpret Employees feedback correctly
●   Employee motivation
●   How much guidance is useful to necessary?
●   Interpret criticism and react to it
●   Limbic Communication
●   Communication structures, rules and authority to issue directives

Product - Customer

●   The meta relationship between buyer and product
●   Price psychology
●   Limbic buying motives
●   Using purchase impulses
●   Unique selling point of the product
●   Limbic Selling
●   Added value analysis of the product
●   Market analysis of the product
●   Recognize and shape product image
●   Why do people really buy?

Goals & Motivation

●   What is your Core Value?
●   But why motivate exactly?
●   Goals in life
●   Professional goals
●   Private goals
●   Resolve Conflicts of Interest
●   Finding your own strengths
●   Unstoppable motivation
●   SMART Goals are good
●   Fear Finding is better
●   Identification of unconscious fears
●   Emotional Fueling
●   End Procrastination
●   Avoid “Chasing the wrong rabbit”
●   Targeting through limbic programming

Emotional Management

●   Prevent Burnout and Depression
●   Gratitude, the underestimated emotion
●   Raising awareness of emotional needs
●   Learning stressresistance, resilience, calmness
●   Work-Life Balance
●   Empowering thinking and visualization
●   Who am I when? Distinguishing emotional contexts
●   Preparing instead of worrying
●   Selftalk, the underestimated influence
●   Productive, hard-working but happy. Is that possible?
●   Recognize and consider limbic influences

Personal Growth

●   The Self Worth Illusion
●   Meaning of Friends, Social Circles
●   Spirituality
●   True Freedom
●   Higher ideals
●   Check and adjustment of the value system
●   Check and adjustment of the belief system
●   Find your emotional Core Values
●   Managing Brainlog to self-knowledge
●   Self image, the key to everything

Decisions & Reason

●   Retain logic even if it gets emotional
●   When to use creativity, when to use reason?
●   Basic cognitive techniques
●   Inductive vs. deductive logic
●   Learnable components of intelligence
●   Apply intelligence correctly and completely
●   Understanding opinion-forming in collectives
●   Recognizing and mastering complexity
●   Introduction to Sapiology
●   Conclusions instead of emotional pseudo accurate


●   Maximize Attraction
●   Understanding external impact
●   Attractiveness in relationships
●   Unoptical attractiveness
●   Do I attract who I want?
●   Beauty vs. sexual charisma
●   Strength vs. dominance
●   Attractive Character Traits
●   Optical factors
●   What do I project?
●   Contents to be communicated
●   paraverbal (voice, gestures, facial expressions)
●   Personality Factors
●   Compensating for weaknesses
●   What is attractive for men?
●   What is attractive for women?
●   Attractive body language
●   The meaning of humor
●   Can you also be too attractive?


●   Date-, deal breaker
●   Humor, the underestimated factor
●   The art of creating images for the other person
●   Make Dates an Experience
●   The emotional progress of interactions
●   Attractive conversation content
●   The “oversupply” of online dating
●   Who do I want vs. Who does me good?
●   How important is the partner’s past?
●   Recognize commitment willingness
●   Find who and where?
●   Why does too much interest hurt?
●   From Sex, Affair to Relationship

Relationship & Partnership

●   Importance of sexuality for the relationship
●   From Sex, Affair to Relationship
●   Win back the ex-partner
●   Avoid Coolidge effect
●   Emotional needs of the man
●   Emotional needs of women
●   Masterable crises vs. relationship killer
●   Do I live in a dead relationship?
●   Alternative, non-exclusive relationship models
●   Commitment vs. Monogamy
●   Sex, different frequency desires
●   The different phases of a relationship
●   Behaviour in case of infidelity
●   nagging, the relationship killer
●   Self-value differences in the relationship
●   Importance of external stabilizing factors
●   The importance of attention
●   The influence on the self-esteem of the partner
●   Recognizing the end of a relationship
●   Consequences of emancipation
●   Leadership is indivisible. Who, when?
●   What does the woman / the man want?

Social Interactions

●   Fundamentals of rhetoric
●   Complete (rational-limbic) communication
●   maintaining positions and relationships
●   Increase popularity
●   Social Circles that help you get ahead
●   Arguments, why they are often not convincing
●   Networking correctly
●   The limbic channel, key to understanding
●   How to make friends
●   Making the most of relationships