Welcome  to  LIMBICLOGIC®

LIMBICLOGIC® is a revolutionary emotional-cognitive model of the brain. It explains the thinking, feeling and acting of people better than conventional psychological models. It helps to live emotionally freer, more self-determined, happier and more successful. It also leads to a deeper understanding of other people and improves communication.

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What  LIMBICLOGIC®  does

In principle, LIMBICLOGIC® can explain and optimise people’s feeling, thinking and awareness better than conventional psychological models. The name of the company reveals what it is all about. The word “limbic” stands for the limbic system (the emotional part of the brain), the word “logic” for conscious, rational and logical thinking.

Today, thanks to imaging methods such as MRI, people know how these two parts of the brain function, exchange information and influence each other much better. The limbic, i.e. emotional system determines our lives and our image of reality much more than previously assumed. These findings open up the possibility of a new approach in the areas of personality development, communication, motivation and emotional management. They also show the influences of the limbic system on opinion formation and cognition. LIMBICLOGIC® offers the possibility to influence this evolutionary older and more powerful system and at the same time reduces the distorting effect on reality.

Alex Anderson
Founder and Headcoach of LIMBICLOGIC®